Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jah Cure Facing Drug Possession Charges

Reggae Star Jah Cure was in court this past Wednesday, facing  drug possession after police found ganga in his motor vehicle last April.


International reggae artiste, Jah Cure, went on trial on Wednesday on drug possession charges.

The singer, whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, was charged last April by the Constant Spring Police after ganja was reportedly found in his motor vehicle.

The cops say they found a small quantity of ganja in the singer's BMW motor car during a spot check along Dunrobin Avenue in St Andrew.

The singer was reportedly seen overtaking 11 vehicles in a line of traffic, when he was stopped by the police.

The arresting officer reported that when he went up to the vehicle, he detected the scent of ganja.

He said he asked Jah Cure, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, whether he had been smoking ganja and that the singer confirmed.

The policeman said he conducted a search of the vehicle and found a small quantity of ganja and two ganja spliffs.

But during testimony on Tuesday afternoon, Jah Cure denied the allegations.

He admitted that he smokes ganja, but told the trial that no drugs were in his car on the night of the incident.

The trial was partly heard on Wednesday, to allow Jah Cure to call an American witness who, he said, was in the car with him on the night in question.

The maximum fine for the minor offence is $100.

The trial continues on April 5.

Jah Cure has served eight years in prison for rape.

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