Friday, April 8, 2011


Dancehall artiste and Humanitarian Mr.Vegas in collaboration with LinkUp Media Group will be headlining a charitable fundraiser for the recent earthquakes in Japan dubbed "JAMROCK FOR JAPAN".  


Dancehall artiste Vegas will be headlining a concert aimed at raising money to assist the Japanese people affected by the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the country on March 11.The concert is being planned by LinkUp Media Group of Companies, another company that is set to assist the people of Japan.

The charitable fund raising concert, dubbed JAMROCK FOR JAPAN will be held on Monday, April 18 in New York City.Also, attending the event are politicians, other reggae and pop entertainers, models and actors, which include members of the Japanese Community.

In a release, LinkUp Media Group of Companies said this was its way of letting the Japanese people and by extension the world know that it stood together in time of distress and that the company recognized that there was a common thread of humanity that bind the world together.

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