Thursday, June 30, 2011


Beenie Man was scheduled to perform in Montreal this past Saturday,but due to Work permit and Visa issues the concert was canceled.


It seems that Beenie Man’s visa woes are just heating up.A copy-cat move by the Canadian Embassy has seen the artiste now being denied entry to that North American country, where he has been for the past twenty years.

Beenie Man was scheduled to perform on Saturday, June 25  at the E.B. Club Lounge 5345 De Maisonneuve W in Montreal. However, the promoters have been forced to cancel the sow, after Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, was denied a work permit by the Canadian Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

The promoters have issued a statement apologizing for the cancellation and explaining why it has become necessary to cancel the show.

The statement reads: “Due to continued issues with Canadian Visa and Work Permit status for Beenie Man, we regretfully have to CANCEL this event.

“Beenie Man lost his US Visa last year and new Canadian regulations, implemented in April, have made it next to impossible for him  .to get a work permit for Canada.

“Please return your ticket to the person or location you bought it from for a refund. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Our intention was always to put on a great event for the dancehall community and we are dismayed that things have turned out this way in the end,” the press release stated.

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  1. Sooo bad! :(
    Hope he'll be back soon!