Friday, July 29, 2011


Recording artist Damian "Cham" Becket, was scheduled to be a headliner at The Toronto International Jamaica day celebration, due to a contractual dispute the artist did not perform.The artist addressed the issue to his fans via his Twitter page.

Baby Cham

People know that Cham and MadHouse don't go about business like that. In the future fans should stay far away from Jamaica Day Canada Show!

Organizers of the Toronto International Jamaica Day Celebration had to issue a statement apologizing to ticket holders for the mishap:

A message from Sunrise Talent Development Program INC, organizers of the Toronto International Jamaica Day Celebration

Toronto: Noticeably absent from the 21st annual Toronto International Jamaica Day Celebration’s line-up of performers was “Baby Cham” one of the show’s headliners. Due to contractual disagreements and circumstances, Baby Cham backed out of performing.

Baby Cham was on a North American tour which included a stop in Canada and was sought to perform at Jamaica Day. A contract was drafted and signed for a set performance fee. Toronto International Jamaica Day Celebration (TIJD) organizers met their pre-event obligations with a deposit to secure the contract. Days leading up to the event, demands were made for a travel allowance which was not included in the original contract due to Baby Cham’s tour being canceled. TIJD allowed for this and took care of the travel expenses to ensure that the show would go on.

Baby Cham arrived the day before the event and received five star accommodations. TIJD believed at that point that all was well and Cham’s performance was secure. On the day of the show Baby Cham’s management announced that he would not perform unless his fee was increased which was outside of what was agreed upon and signed for in the contract. TIJD refused this request and were advised that Cham would not be in attendance and would not perform.

Moving forward, we the organizers would like to ensure that increased efforts will be made for this act not to occur again at any of our events nor to other promoters in the city of Toronto.

TIJD made every effort to bring Baby Cham to the stage as promised but was unable to do so. The Committee wishes to thank all who attended the event and made it a success, and expresses sincere apologies to all who came out to see this performer.

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