Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dancehalll Star Bounty Killer, confirms that there is strain within the Gulliance union following the release Chase Cross song “Mash Up Everything”.


Legendary Dancehall entertainer, Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price has admitted that there is indeed a growing tension with the Alliance & Gully camps, more popularly known as the “Gulliance.”

Bounty Killer made the revelation on an interview yesterday; suggesting the recent song released by “Gully Squad” member, Chase Cross could cause major issues between the Gully & Alliance parties; implying a rift. The song “Mash Up Everything,” was released late last week; allegedly calling out the “War Lord,” and other Alliance members. Though Chase’s manager later claimed Chase’s song was referring to how he felt Alliance members talked negatively about his friend’s death, Bounty intimated that he was offended by the song. He was mostly perturbed by the fact that Chase Cross couldn’t record such a song without approval from the Gully Squad’s founder, Mavado.

Reportedly, Bounty Killer is encouraging Mavado to break his silence & go in further detail about the recent issues between the Gully & Alliance camps. Mavado has yet to comment about either the song or his alleged problems with Bounty Killer.

Meanwhile, Chase Cross has received a slew of comments thrown his way via social media since the release of “Mash Up Everything.” According to Urban Islandz, fans of Bounty Killer & the Alliance are less than thrilled to say the least regarding Chase’s song & the possibility of a “Gulliance” separation. One fan commented, “A Whe Mavado get dem yute yah from whe a try mashup di Alliance. how yo fi diss smaddy like Killer who build dancehall.” Another said, “Some a dem young youth yah belong pon di Gaza because Alliance artists them have more sense than that. If there is disagreement Alliance people work it out internally. Poor judgement.”

Fans have also claimed that Chase Cross is a waste of talent and one even compared him to Portmore Empire artiste, Shawn Storm. “Chase Cross = Shawn Storm of the Gaza, no talent, if you par wid Bounty and no buss yo no have no talent.” The deejay/rapper is known for songs like “Better Days,” & “Ain’t No Place.”

Warning video below contains explicit lyrics. Chase Cross-"Mash Up Everything"

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