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DJ 's people develop personal relationships with them, without even knowing them…by way of only attending a party if their ‘favorite’ DJ is there so they attend. Marking social occasions with them, the DJ at the helm, of crafting their musical experience. It’s that very personal relationship, we defend our favs and diss our foes and keep it moving.  It’s the person you like to admit to knowing and hiring for an occasion…the DJ has more intricate things happening than a lot of us take for granted.  Being someone’s favorite must take some doing, and that brings me to this profile, on well one of my favorite overall DJs: Kwite Sane.
Kwite Sane grew up in Notre Dame de Grace , the son of Jamaican immigrants he forged his way unto the music scene by developing his crafts and understanding his audience.He rocks a party, takes his business serious by breaking records, being on time, making a name for himself and staying on his grind.DJ Kwite Sane is that dude, the first to respond to a message, the first to take a risk and sign up for an event, the first to make him seen and heard without being too in your face.  He has been able to maintain a persona while almost becoming enigmatic, if you’re not privy to his personal circle you never will be… I gotta love and respect boundaries and the effectiveness of being able to maintain them.

I’m not sure if he knows the high regard I hold him in – but there’s no time like the present…thanks Sane for being you and never ever ever changing for anyone.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CORE DJS, TSM Entertainment

"Flava On Top Of Flava"

When did you start DJing?
Started DJing back in 1986-87

How did you get into DJing?
I think the first spark in me wanting to DJ was when I first heard Montreal's legendary DJ LDG, play and control the crowd at a party back in the day.

What type of music did you fall in love with first?
Hip-Hop was and will always be my first love.

What was the first gig that put you on?
The first gig I deejayed at was a bar-b-que / house party in Chateauguay for the Scantleburys. That set it off right there.

What’s your favorite memory so far behind the 1’s and 2’s?
Too many memories, but I guess one of the most memorable was the first time I started to dj and rock the mic at the same time. And that was opening for a dj that I patterned my style after, Dj Kid Capri.

Have you been able to make DJing a viable career?
Djing has been a viable career for me. I haven't had a regular 9-5 job in about 6-7 years
What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish in the industry?
What I want to accomplish in the industry is that the Kwite Sane brand is guaranteed every time. When hiring me for whatever event it may be, you're getting your money's worth. And I think I've done that so far.

What do you DJing program do you use?
I use the Serato program when djing.

What have you done with your Vinyl collection?
I haven't done much with my vinyl collection since switching to Serato. I still have it sitting in my parents basement.

What’s the coolest record you own?
The coolest record I own would have to be Big Daddy Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin" 12 inch that I had bought with my own hard earned money.

Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kwite Sane

Who has been the best show/concert you’ve ever seen and why?
The best concert that I ever been too, and there have been plenty, was The Backstage Tour at the Bell Centre (Montreal) with Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man & Redman.

If you’re a radio DJ compare radio to being a club DJ. Likes/dislikes?
Being a club DJ is great because you're in control. You control the tempo and the mood for the night. I like to experiment with mixes in the club and shock the crowd, loving their reactions. Radio is tricky. The regular day to day mix show can be monotonous when you're only allowed to play what the programmer tells you to play  without much leeway. The late night shows are different where you can basically play you want as well as on Internet radio. The best thing about radio is that your Djing can reach a much larger audience.

Do you feel like you can break a record I your market?
I break many records in my market. Its part of my DJing style that I must be the first dj in the club to break a new record. 

Have you thought about producing?
I've tried my hand at producing a long time ago but wasn't really interested in it. I may try my hand at it again in the future

How do you balance family life and DJing?
Well I have no kids or married so my DJing doesn't really interfere with my family life. I get to see my parents and my brother at least 1-2 a week.

Do you think it’s possible for someone to be in your life and understand your lifestyle?
Outside of people involved in the industry, it's really hard to find someone  that can understand your life and the lifestyle a DJ leads. It's always great from the outside looking  in, but once inside it can take it's toll.

How do you keep upping your own bar?
I challenge myself daily. Mentally practicing most times I’m thinking up new mixes to experiment with. Manually practicing putting down those mixes. I listen to all types of music which really helps in broadening your mixes and music selection. Anytime you do sometime in the club that hasn't been done, and may surprise even yourself when you do it, I think you up the bar every time.

Kwite Sane and  R&B Singer Melanie Fiona
Who are your musical idols and why?
The Notorious B.I.G., Big Daddy Kane and Jay-Z are my musical idols. When Kane came on the scene he was so smooth and cool when he rapped. Also he had the lyrical prowess that I loved. Biggie and Jay-Z just took it to the next level. They have made timeless music. Any coincidence that all three are from Brooklyn?
What are your long-term goals?
I have a goal of going into artist management and owning my own club. I have no plans on slowing the DJing down anytime soon so the sky's the limit.

If your child/children wanted to start DJing and or being the music industry would you go for it?
If my children wanted to start DJing or be in the music industry, I wouldn't stop them. As long as they go to school and have a back up plan. I took up DJing for the love of DJing.
I never thought that my hobby would have turned into a career. I love what I do and making people happy every night.

For more info Djkwitesane
Interwiewed by Zeeta Maharaj

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