Sunday, September 18, 2011


Toronto's rising recording star Shalli recently sat down with Miss Reeva from Yuhseeyou, discussing a musical journey, that helped this Jamaican-Dominican born beauty never forget her rhythm-rich heritage.

Where did you grow up
Toronto, Canada

Where you Live
Where ever my music takes me

Island Pop

All About Love, Shalli Sings, Show My Love and the new single is Feeling Inside

I’ve already traveled most of the globe doing what I love and am still young and healthy with so much to look forward too

When you decided to move forward in your career, who was your biggest supporter(s)?
I began the development of my career about 5 years ago but really it began at 5 when I began loving music. My biggest supporters would have to be the many fans I performed for during my first tour as a solo artist. I performed for people who didn’t even speak English in some cases but felt the music and showed me pure love. Other big supporters would have to be my family (which goes beyond blood) and my management team.

Who would you consider your biggest mentor within your career this far?
I would have to say God. I’ve had many angels appear in human form who have helped me and are still helping me on my way. I’ve also learned from the best. Artists like, Chaka Khan, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Marcia Griffiths, etc. These veterans inspired allot of what you see today in me.

What pressures do you face in the industry, and what is your way of coping with the pressures?
People often try to compare me to others and at times even pit me against other female artists. First I remind myself that everyone is different. I learned a long time ago that there is no competition when it comes to what I do and who I am because I am the only ‘me’ around. No one can touch what I do as long as I feel cool doing what it is that I DO. Even if I tried hard to be like you I still end up sounding, moving and grooving like moi! Thank goodness lol

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Shalli's new music video:"Feeling Inside"

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