Friday, October 7, 2011


MontrealDancehallTV Mama Zeeta had the opportunity to stop by K103 Street and sit down with the voice of the city Don Smooth. Zeeta talked about her latest projects, the Core Dj's and her fascinating take on the art of a DJ.

Before the interview they caught up on the ins of out of the past 7 years.Don shared which artists he felt were making headway in Montreal and the changing dynamics of the music scene.

They discussed their journey from humble beginning at K103 and the progress they've since made.Don was respectful and courteous a real professional that loves what he does..

Zeeta filled listeners in on how she got her start, the importance of women working in the media, the core values and respecting the hard work of others trying to make it.

Look out for Don Smooth upcoming  feature interview with  Zeeta in her "Behind the cut Dj" series. Listen to Don on Street Sounds Monday to Thursday from 6-11pm on 103.7Fm K103radio

Check out Don Smooth on Street Sounds K103.7Fm from Monday-Thursday from 6pm-11pm Listen to Don's interview with Mama Zeeta at

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