Saturday, November 26, 2011


Buju Banton Benefit concert will be held in Tampa, Florida to help with the incarcerated star legal expenses for his appeal.

A benefit concert for jailed reggae artiste Mark 'Buju Banton' Myrie is scheduled for December 3 in Tampa, Florida, the proceeds of which will go towards funding Buju’s appeal of his conviction and ten year prison sentence.

Buju Banton himself, through his legal team, issued a statement urging his fans to turn out for the concert stating, "I, Mark Myrie - aka Buju Banton, support and deem the concert being organized by Taranee Jiles to be a legitimate undertaking in order to raise funds for my legal defense and pending appeal. Your kind support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

The lineup card for the benefit concert includes Delly Ranx, Gramps Morgan, Nadine Sutherland, Glen Washington and Norris Man along with a yet-to-be named special guest artiste.
Also, persons planning to attend the show will be asked to make a donation for the cause as organizers hope to make at least US$50,000 from the concert for Buju's legal defense.

According to event's main organizer, Taranee Jiles, "His fellow artists have come together in unity to aid this cause. It is time for the people to give back and uplift him now. It will give him the opportunity to defend himself,”

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