Monday, November 28, 2011


Montreal is a city known for it's beautiful streets and it's unique fashion sense. New Regime is channeling that with clothing that will give your wardrobe some Flavor.
1. How did you discover a love for designing?
I think it was more a desire to express ourselves through our clothes because most of them deliver a message or a story... And probably came around about a year or two before really starting NR.

2. How many designs have you created?
For me just a few, Setiz and our graphic designer Koku have done most of the designs... It’s hard to give a specific number because so many have made it many more haven't.

3. Who’s the most interesting person you’ve designed for to date?
Probably have to go with Mugz. That is the only person we've done a custom t-shirt. And a lot went into that design.

4. Where do you find your inspiration?
Life... Personal experiences....

5. What’s your plan?
To influence the influencers (got that one from a friend of ours Moe Arora)

6. How far are you willing to take fashion design?
As far as it goes because once this where we want it to be I'm pretty sure we'll venture into other lines

7. Do you have plans to have a fashion line for all sizes?
That's an interesting question, Do we want to: yes but we actually do right now: no... The demand isn't high enough but we have done custom pieces for bigger sizes.

8. What are you working on currently?
Just finished fall/winter collection so we are planning promo campaign.
 9. How is working in a group dynamic 1) grown you 2) challenged you 3) what do you like/dislike
1) Yes it has, it forces you to put certain feelings aside and deal with things professionally 2) its always a challenge, because you are dealing with people that completely different. 3) I like I like when needs to get done and everyone does their part, true team work.

10. What are your goals?
Goals are to obviously become successful, be world renowned...
11. Have you ever though about dressing an individual? (Local celebrity or endorsement)
Yeah we've done it with many local artists...

12. Where did you develop the name for your design house?
After many weeks of reflection and brainstorming while working on our first collection, one of us came up with classic regime and the other suggested "New" instead and that was history
13. What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt thus far?
Stay organized, work hard, no slacking and never settle
14. What knowledge can you impart on aspiring artists/designers?
Dream big...Team New Regime

By Zeeta Maharaj
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