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Last Thursday listeners tuned into Ckut's "Positive Vibes" Reggae music show, they heard a woman discussing her client Toronto's Exco Levi upcoming Montreal concert. Host Johnny Black was impressed and asked the questions others wanted to know:Tell our listeners who you are and what is it you do?  Her name is Reeva-Ann Proctor a passionate Reggae enthusiast who's leaving her mark on the scene one step at a time.

1.Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Lachine, Quebec actually before moving to a
small town named Mille-Isles near St. Jerome when I was 9, later on
when I was 16 I moved with my family to the small country town of
Belleville, Ontario.

2.When did you first fall in love with Reggae music?

Reggae has always been apart of my life from a very young age.
I used to commonly mistake Bob Marley as my grandfather when I was
around the age 4. I remember between the ages 6-10 being in in my grandfather and grandmothers van driving around different places in Montreal blaring some old school tunes from Garnett Silk, and even Shaggy…

3.Who are some of your favorite artists?

My favorite artists, this is such a hard question. There are so many
different branches of Reggae in my opinion. You have the young and
Upcoming Artists, the crossover artists, the roots & culture artists,
your dancehall artists, and than the old school artists.Overall if I have to narrow down to the now and then it would be I-Octane, he cuts out the slackness, and has strong conscious lyrics that you can still dance to at the dance.But when we go to old school; well the same person that inspired Buju
Banton, and was a big mentor for him. An artist that goes by the name
Garnett Silk.

4. How did the love of Reggae music translate into becoming involved withthe YuhSeeYou?

Well more so, YuhSeeYou blossomed from my love for Reggae music. My
business was there before it was even created. I would promote the
younger artists that I loved, and make sure all the DJ’s I knew had a
copy.Who knew that was a form of P.R right?Though many other influences were factored; I mean I have always been interested in the music industry. But my love for Reggae/Dancehall music and my Jamaican culture influenced even the name itself; YuhSeeYou: it's usually said when someone says something funny, or if a person is being stubborn.

5.Introduce our readers to YuhSeeyou and what can they expect from your company?

YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity, is first a Publicity Firm. We
offer Public Relation, Marketing, and New Media Relation Services.
I have integrated this with an interactive site for those in Canada
and worldwide to read up on what’s up in the music scene. I try to
stray from any entertainment drama and strictly entertainment news,
but sometimes things like Vybz Kartel in jail is all people want to
hear and is in demand. Starting the first week of December I will be
doing features Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday’s. This includes fun
features from upcoming and established, producers, DJ’s, and Artistes.

Miss Reeva & Gyptian

6.Your website in inspirational, especially for women.What inspired you to come up with the website and format?

You know my website it’s really and truly a true reflection of me.
Music is my life and I’ve always been given the “I’ve got it first”
title within my group of people. I know what’s going on. It only makes sense to put this all up on the website.My goal is Simplicity. No Flashy
things, not a lot of advertising and my Vol.1 Mixtape plays in the
background, which was done by Poison Dart sound out of Miami. As for
the Pink and Black, they were my favorite colors back from my teenager
days, it’s not to girly, but ad’s that little girly touch.

7.How did you get started in the business?

Well, it started when I was looking to start an organization for youth
in Jamaica. I gained the interest in party promotion. I created a site
called EmpreSSion Promotions, hoping to bring Tasha Rozes down for a
Female VS Male dance, in hopes to raise enough money to send down the
25 school bags filled with supplies that I collected last September.
Though this didn’t fall through I kept the site going and on the site
a fellow Montreal friend, and manager of I-Jah, known as Linkcon
“Prezzy” Demetrius; Owner of Montreal’s DPC Movements noticed me
always promoting, we had a conversation he said Reeva you’d really be great in doing entertainment P.R.. It all kicked off from that moment really.
YuhSeeYou than came about 3 months after, while I decided to revamp my
name, my image, after just gaining the opportunity of working PR and
Bookings for Montreal’s Little Thunder Sound.

8. A lot of people may not know that you’re Canadian. Can you give us
some insight on the Canadian music market versus the Jamaican music

You know, I got involved in the Jamaican music market before I even
touched the Canadian Reggae Market.Last June, King Mee was my first Canadian artist to work with. It’s harder for a Canadian Reggae artist to make it. First “Reggae” is not popular, its underground. Second the production quality in Canada for Reggae is poor. It is very hard to find good producers in the Canadian Reggae Market. It’s a fact.But the common misconception made is that as a Reggae artist you have to “buss” in Jamaica before you will make it anywhere in the world.In the end we are living in a Viral world, everything is achievable with a wonderful thing called Internet.

9.What are the biggest misconceptions about being female entrepreneur inthe industry?

Can I even correct this with being a “White” women in the industry?
First being a women they take you as Catty, than the 2nd misconception
in peoples eyes are every male figure around you and supports you,
well you must have an intimate relationship with. So not true. The men
around me are my brother’s, they support me, look out for me, and tell
me when I am making stupid decisions.Now as I was saying, being a “White” woman has create a whole different struggle. From what do you know about Reggae Music, to I am“Rich”. I am trying just as hard to make it, and they think that being white is easy in a primarily urban and male dominated market.

10.What part can, and should, women do to offset and create a more
powerful image of themselves in the industry?

You know, right now the biggest problem is this Social Media world we
live in. I’ve been guilty with this. Public Facebook or Twitter wars.
Then you have many women whether they are media personnel, radio
personnel, artistes with half naked pictures, party pictures, and
X-Rated pictures which are rapidly spreading to blogs, BBM, twitter..
ect.Just be conscious and righteous. Know young women are looking up to
you. You have to portray what you would to your children.

11.Do you have any advice for those wanting to break-in to this business?

Really and truly, its all about Dedication, Sacrifice, and Staying Motivated.
People will always try to bring you down.

Miss Reeva and Little Thunder Sound

12.Who or what inspires you?
Music is my life, so yuh know seh mi agoh say MUSIC

13.What moves do you have on the horizon?
Well 2012 is coming, Right now my focus has been on the REQUEST FOR
UNITY 2nd Edition which is December 16th, and music wise on
Jamaican/Canadian artiste Exco Levi who will actually be joining us
for this occasion.

14.What artist do you particularly enjoy working with? Who haven’t you
worked with that you would like to work it?

All the artists and media people I work with have all played a big
roll in my careers success, whether if we still keep the link or not.
I’ve learned from them, so I take them all as blessings. If I had to
choose an amazing opportunity, well I’ve had the opportunity to do
small works with Donisha Pendergrast (Bob Marley’s Granddaughter)
helping promote the movie here in Montreal, and she is lovely, kind,
and so motivated it makes me want to work more with her.
Sometimes working with artists that you haven’t worked with or had the
chance to meet is disappointing so I don’t think about who I’d like to
work with. It’s in Jah’s hands right now I am content with working
with who I am working with.

15.Which artist are you listening to right now?

Oh God… Vybz Kartel "Wine up like yuh..."Oh oh oh, wait it just switched to the Overproof Riddim mix.I am actually listening to ZIP FM out of Jamaica right now, my everyday work routine!Keeps me up to date with the hot Jamaican parties!

16.Tell us something about yourself that many don’t know?

I’ve just recently started ghostwriting for Jamaican artistes, and
released a new single with artist Meagan Simone titled “Trust in
H.I.M”; a female collaboration about His & Her Imperial majesty.  The
song was voiced  both with Meagan Simone was here in Montreal, and in
November here in Montreal and produced by Soundbwoy who also works
with many Montreal’s hottest Reggae and Dancehall artists like King
Mee, I-Jah, Sampaloo, and Hurstman.

17.What are three adjectives that best describes you?

Charming, Determined, and Loyal

18.How would you sum up your outlook on life?

Life is given to you to live, make the most of it, help your brethrens
and sistrens around you, and stay positive

Read more about Miss Reeva at

Interviewed by Ms.Lois
Photos by Brian Kotler 

Exco Levi will be performing a V-Lounge this Friday December 16th 2011

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