Monday, March 12, 2012


It’s so interesting what life brings.  Happiness, sadness, adversities and triumphs.  These extremes happen for a reason.  Do we ever disconnect to connect to ourselves and recognize what the learning is?  We are so involved with being evolved that we forget to include ourselves on this journey.

Most of us are so caught up in the game … chase …chasing paper, chasing men, chasing women, chasing unrealistic entities, trying …what?  Why aren’t we living?  Giving thanks for what we do have, for the ability to evolve, for the chance to make goals and realize them and then set new ones.  

What happened to us – as a society, as a whole where we begin to forget the suffering, the fighting, and the plight of others because we are good?  What happened to helping our fellow man – because when you need it you would want it?  Humanity, humility, compassion, care?  What happened to us?  Did we get so far removed to have our picket fences that we stop to see the there are wife’s and children husbands and relationships deteriorating within those same walls that others watch from the outside thinking that that have the ‘perfect’ life?  What happened to health and education, valuing what our forefathers did for us, and in most situations what our parents did to get us to where we are just one generation ago?  What happened to us, have we become so disconnected from reality that having an electronic profile is your new way of hiding behind uploads; photo shopped pics and status updates?  What happened to being creative, the ingenuity and bravery we celebrate those before us with … where’s our time to shine? 

Where’s our next leader – don’t just wait for the next man –step up and realize that you recognize your greatness and take your place in the world living by His plan and be counted.

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