Monday, March 26, 2012


Montreal, Quebec – Dpc Movements is thrilled to announce the release of the debut mixtape from Ijah, World Inna Stress, Hosted by Dj Kirky C from Poison Dart Sound, available everywhere on March 31st 2012.

World Inna Stress has the right ingredients for a classic; a balance of conscious roots rock reggae with catchy, melodic dancehall anthems mixed with hypnotic ladies tunes to keep any party rocking. The Mixtape couldn’t have come at a better time, when the reggae industry is undergoing yet a new rebirth if you might say. Ijah, with the help from his label spread the word of his release through various performances and interviews with numerous live and Internet radio stations as well as viral online marketing and print media. Ijah released three singles, “Have A Plan”, “I Will Survive” and “Timebomb” , online via retail sites including Itunes, Amazon and more as promotion leading up to the mixtape release.Also, Look out for music videos in the works to help the marketing of the project. Ijah is getting ready to tour internationally in support of the worldwide release.

Ijah aka Mtl's best kept secret reggae sensation, the versatile singjay,from Grange Hill,Jamaica aka the hottest new rasta in the game, has been representing his music label, Dpc Movements(Driven paper Chasers), for the last three years. Ijah is one of the most respected and prolific new artists in the reggae industry, like a breath of fresh air. Excitement grew for fans everywhere awaiting the highly anticipated mixtape . With his distinct dancehall singjay voice emerging on the reggae music scene, Ijah incorporates light dancehall, conscious roots reggae, and R&B fusion as well as combining soulful vocals with his DJing skills. Ijah uses the music he makes to serve as a vehicle for his positive messages by uplifting others. Raw talent mixed with a passionate performance, and the ability to charm a crowd, Ijah has been solidifying his buzz in North America, the UK, Jamaica and beyond.

With added production from Guadaloupe/Martinique(Gwada Productions), Montreal,Canada,Collin Sylex, production from California, New York and Jamaica to mention.

" He's very strong vocally, I've never heard of a voice like that coming out of Mtl, Canada "...Kemar "Flava" McGregor

" Ijah is the truth " ....Don Smooth

" He has a lot of good songs"....Gyptian

" He is a very good artist, with heavy girl tunes"....Dj Kirky C

" Ijah is the ticket " ....Dj Don Juan (Former G-Unit south Dj)

" Considering the nightmares that the world has undergone in the last couple of years, from natural disasters to political conflicts and poverty, the mixtape title and theme was inspired by everyday life and struggle felt around the globe ". The label, Dpc Movements aka Driven Paper Chasers, one of Montreal city’s preeminent independent urban entertainment companies, is home to a multifaceted and diverse range of artists, fast becoming one of the most successful labels in the city and country and with Ijah as a front man in this growing music empire,expect big things to happen.Ijah's official  mixtape release party is happening Saturday March 31st at E.B Club Lounge.For more info

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