Friday, March 2, 2012


Dancehall star Mr.Vegas revealed to the world the highs and lows of his 16 years in the entertainment industry.

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Prominent Dancehall artiste, Mr. Vegas has a very accomplished resume most artistes would dream of showcasing. However, the veteran singjay doesn’t seem to revel in his consistent success.

Mr. Vegas will unveil his sixth career studio album, Sweet Jamaica on March 6; a double disc CD filled with Reggae and Dancehall-themed singles which speak on all sorts on issues. As he prepares to unleash his latest effort, Vegas has made a startling admission; insisting he hasn’t enjoyed the pros and cons of his 16 years as a Dancehall artiste.

During a radio interview on Wednesday night,  Mr. Vegas stated that the many pressures and burdens which accompany the music industry have taken a toll on him in recent times.

“It is just difficult sometimes…stuff that people just come at you with; sometimes you just want to get away, sometimes yuh jus wan’ go live under a rock,”he said.

“I have so much to deal with my 16 years where other people have been through less than what I’ve been through; all the criticism and all the name calling and all that stuff where other people fold up tent and can’t come back.”

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