Monday, March 5, 2012


A few weeks ago I was invited to a semi formal, semi private event for the official web launch/10 year anniversary of two very talented and special people to me. 2Marvelous a Montreal based, international bound, brother-sister dancing phenomenon’s accomplishments.

I was asked while at the event where we met, has and I can’t really remember – I have just always known them to be blessed and humble, amazing and inspiring people. There family has seen their share of ups and downs but the thing that always strikes me is there love for each other, God and their friends wouldn’t say we are close friends because that’s the truth, but we are in some type of spiritual osmosis extremely connected and very close.

Lincoln, Mama McFly & Leah

Leah and Fellow Dancers/Friends

I’m not really sure how to describe it, well besides it being real recognizing real. And that they are! The launch of their event at the W hotel was classy, sassy, personal and funky! Their closest friends, family, supporters and collaborators were on hand to continue to cheer them on their journey. Lincoln and Leah have an amazing presence and dance from their hearts.Their art form transcends genres of music and is magnifying. If you don’t believe me check out their newly launched and incredibly marvelous web site:

Mama Zeeta
While at the event something touching happened to me too. It was one of those ‘you never know how you are inspiring or who’s watching you ‘ moments that I just have to share … I ran into an old acquaintance and she was standing next to a young lady. She turned around and introduced me to her daughter! She’s now 21 and fully-grown and trust me, first I needed a minute to let that one marinate! But, lil mama was genuinely happy to meet me. She let me know that she remembered hearing me on radio and what stuck out to me was that she said ‘I remember hearing you and you were the only girl. You sounded like you were having fun and I thought it was so cool…I even remember playing a video game and putting Mama Zee as my name because I thought it was cool.’ I thanked her for telling me – because I recognize how much easier it is to insult someone rather than pay them a compliment and I was sincerely touched.TO bring it full circle to the night, that’s the kind and type of energy 2Marvelous have around them. And – to relate it to me, I couldn’t feel any more proud than having turned a listener into a fan. I had to share it- it was absolutely amazing. Never stop realizing your dreams, and never stop recognizing that people are drawing inspiration from you.

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2Marvelous & Friends

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