Monday, March 19, 2012


Welcome to a beautiful day!  Today I woke up feeling empowered because of the small things life has to offer.  I think that all too often we take for granted the sun shining down on us.  A warm breeze, a smile. 

Getting to lose a few layers of outer wear so, feeling spring is really on the way. Take a minute to reflect on all the things that you need to be grateful for.  I spent time with my highly entertaining and rationally dysfunctional family yesterday and realized whose isn’t!  We talk loud, center around food and all of us always think we’re right! And you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world – that’s my ownership of our issues and it makes me alright to admit it! I got a major paper mostly completed for next week out of the way. (I should really be typing that up now, but ah so it go sometimes, oui!)

I’m up this morning feeling that the small things really do matter, because it makes the big tings not so big and much easier to tackle.  And now, all I seem to be thinking about is Jill’s Scott’s track So Blessed – give it a listen, it’s a terrific start up song for your day.

I’m grateful this morning for all of you, your support encouragement and silent criticism…I hear you! I appreciate it…and I am confident that I am walking in God’s path intended for me…and am open to learning what He wants for me is best.  It’s all good.  This is what makes me feel confident.  I have chosen to listen to my intuition; that tiny voice in your heard, the fast beats of my heart and those butterflies in my stomach….I haven’t tunes them out but on the contrary I have learned to tap into those feelings and hear them loud and clear.  My intuition is no longer a silent murmur but a sharp, crystal clear conversation in my mind’s eye of what is and needs to be done. I encourage you to take time to let that self talk re develop if you have allowed it to go silent. And challenge you the way I challenge myself to continue to listen to it and allow that voice to be a force and guide you seamlessly through our respective stories called life.

When things seem bleak and downtrodden, that’s when you really have to listen.  Listen out for the lessons you are supposed to be and learn from that situation. It’s normal for be down in out – but the next morning rise like a phoenix on a mission to capture your true self…keep rising. That’s how I feel on days like this when I am able to sit in my silence and have amazing tracks filled my mind with motivation to keep pushing.  The windows open, I’m hearing the birds come back, I hear the breeze blowing  and see that the trees are budding, anxious to bear beautiful luscious leafs soon.  And all I can really do is be grateful.  This isn’t the easiest choice, to be optimistic and realistic doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but with a bit of practice and willingness to see that the cup really is half full and that there is nothing greater than trying to be the most amazing person you can be for yourself, your family, your friends and for the awareness of being a global citizen …it really is empowering. Now I have this terrific track running through my mind, It’s called Days like this by Sean Escoffrey …once you hear it you’ll know exactly how I’m feeling.

And that’s where I am today, open to the lessons, grateful for the time I have to share and the impact I intend to make and the legacy I’d like to leave …it all starts right here, within me and the ability to want more.  I thank you for your readership, your time and your willingness to want better …enjoy the days to come.

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  1. Love entries like this. Keep it up Zeeta!