Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dancehall/Reggae singer Sham has been making waves with his latest hit "Wine" featuring his wife Miss O. The artist sat down with Tallawah Magazine, to talk about his musical journey, love for his family and what he's working next.
Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:
For someone who’s been a vibrant part of the reggae-dancehall scene since the nineties, what do you make of the contemporary music landscape in Jamaica?
Cham: I think it has whole heap of potential. You see a lot of younger artistes, younger producers coming through with whole heap of potential. The problem with it is consistency. That’s the biggest difference between now and the ’90s. You find that the consistency is not as up to par as the ’90s, but as long as they dig deep they can get it. Nothing was built over night, and hopefully by us being here and turning up the notch a bit and stepping up the level in writing and production, our younger peers can do just the same to help us step it up a next notch and take it from there
I was just as surprised as everyone else to discover that the tantalizing hooks on your new hits “Wine,” “Back Way” and “Tun Up” are performed by your significant other, O. How did that come about?
We came up with the concept of “Wine” and finished writing the song. We needed a female to sing the hook, but being in Miami is not like we were in Jamaica where you could pick up the phone and get a female artiste to come over. No one was there. The only person who was there was my wife. Dave turned to her and asked if she could do a demo for us so we could send it to someone. After she sang the first two lines, me and Dave look at each other and we knew that this was it. This is the real deal.

For an ingenue, she sounds like a real artiste.
Yeah, and it’s the weirdest thing. She had never ever tried it before, but sometimes things just happen and Father God let it happen in that way. Now [“Wine”] is number one all over the world. We just finished Europe, and every city we went in, people are asking ‘Where is O?’ But she’s gonna be coming on the road really soon because we have the new single “Tun Up.” So by about summer we will unleash her.

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