Friday, April 13, 2012


Dancehall Reggae artist/actor Louie Rankin stopped by CJLO's More Fyah radio show and spoke to host Junior Vibes about his latest musical projects and what he's working on next.

Fresh off of the Toronto set of  the upcoming up the Lionsgate movie "We Run The Streets" and working on recordings with Rap star Raekwon . The team caught up with him before he heads off to Dominica, to film "Shottas 2" the sequel to the cult favourite hit "Shottas". The artist shared his perspective on the growing issues regarding the Reggae/Dancehall scene at the moment.

On the Direction Dancehall  is Taking
"The Dancehall artists they into a "Hype Thing" living off a hype. Kartel songs those are not culture music...You can't  play Kartel songs with your kids running around. If  you can't play the music in a residential home that is just entertainment for a certain degree of people"

On the losing the art of Reggae Music
"I Respect the little artist for trying to a make a living but  I don't think they see the vision where Reggae music is..Because these artists are not recording on a real Reggae Rhythm."

Junior Vibes & Louie Rankin

On the Importance of Reggae Music
"Bob Marley songs play on planes, it plays everywhere, young babies come out and listen to Bob... cuz we deal with culture"

On reviving the Sound Clash
"Ninja Man always be winning clash because Ninja came from the sound system he knows what Clash is. Clash is something you don't go and plan at your house"

Listen to the Full interview here. More Fyah Radio airs every Saturday from 4-6pm .

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