Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Growing up in a life of poverty one is normally forced to choose a ave of relief to their  stresses. Dancehall is not just a music genre but also a culture of many all over the world that appreciate it's existence. The patrons of this culture are ridiculed & ostracized from other art forms that steal the craft of Dancehall & polished to societies expectations.

There are many successful citizens that have arisen from the dancehall melting pot some that choose to put the past of this art form behind them but others that stand proud. As a radio personality of many years 10 years ago I realized that DH would always be raped of it's ranks only mentioned negatively when targeted by social groups. Why was anyone afraid to take a stance to say "YES there are some negative attributes of our culture but we have positives also."  There are MANY that fought just like slavery to keep this culture alive oftentimes giving their all expecting nothing but RESPECT in return.

Dance hall of the 20th century has become a SUCCESSFUL business and our patrons have learned to fight the negatives with positive contributions to society. It's easy to judge a book by the cover when you watch the videos and see the patrons that tirade about insulting fabrications or a patron just happy to share "I love my life." I will remind you however that many of those same patrons that are constantly dragged through the mud, targeted by constant innuendo are more than meets the eye. So Flo Awards is a voice of a dying culture to spread a positive message in unison with Single Mothers of America to the world. Circumstances are opportunities for many a nation to strive past the hardships of your past. Dancehall Events are not just a hot box filled with loud "GHETTO" illiterate patrons as many are forced to believe.

So Flo Awards takes pride to stand beside the many patrons, musical entertainers, dancers, radio stations, radio personalities, sounds, websites, producers, hairdressers, barbers, videogaphers, chicken man, and supporters that live, eat & drink this beautiful culture. Many are called but few are chosen May 26th is your time to "SHINE" & be proud of your unnoticed contributions regardless of constant shun of society. South Florida Dancehall Awards 2012 we have arrived and the world will see and respect us for what we are which is nothing less than GREAT.

Vote Now 4th Annual So Flo Dancehall & Reggae Music Awards Show Inc.VOTING ENDS MAY SUN MAY, 20TH Live Performance Zj Liquid,Spragga Benz, Raine Seville,Flippa Mafia,Teflon,Kristopher, Nefetari, Zeke Don,Chux Star, Dallas Emperor & many more.
Hosted by Miss Kitty & Ragashanti performing as a artiste on stage for the 1st time ever on stage in the USA also Co Hosted By Gairy Sweetness and Red Gal. Red Carpet Show starts 7pm Hosted by Neil Pearl(I-land Magazine) & Marsha Stylez from JA Awards Show starts 8pm Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center 1770 Monroe St., Hollywood, FL 33020 Post Reception Party Immediatley after show Music by Gary Sweetness fr FL, Jigga from LA, Avalanche(WPB) & Rebel "T" from JA Tickets on sale at Cast your vote at

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