Monday, May 28, 2012


Do you have what it takes? We’re searching the country for female artists, ages 14-25, representing pop, hip hop, jazz, soca, r&b, gospel, rock, dancehall, blues, alternative, opera, country – all styles of music.

We STRONGLY suggest you arrive by 1:00pm to register as there are a limited number of audition spots.

What to bring

1 page bio with photo which should include your age, address, email, whether or not you have a manager and, if so, his/her contact info, how long you have been performing, places you have performed in the past, and any upcoming gigs, websites, etc.

Background music on CD. The track you are using should be the only thing on the CD, which should also be cued and labelled with your name.

**You can also perform with minimal accompaniment, i.e. guitar and/or keyboard, but not a full band. You can have a band at the showcase if you are chosen.

You can do an original song or a cover, but this is not Karaoke so if you do a cover you should bring your own style to it.

Please note, we will not be auditioning dancers or spoken word artists.

In terms of the audition procedure, you do not need to make an appointment. You will be given a number when you arrive and will audition when that number is called. Each auditionee only has approximately 1 minute to perform.

Please audition with the same material you would do at the showcase if chosen.
The final showcase takes place Thursday August 16 in Toronto, so please make sure you are available on that day before you audition.

Artists outside of Ontario – if you are unable to attend the live auditions, click here to fill out submission form

Only artists chosen for the show will be contacted by July 1, 2012.

 Admission is $10.00 for everyone – spectators and artists.

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