Monday, June 25, 2012


Saturday night, Deanna Robins was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2012 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

On a night when the final announcements went by at almost bullet speed, it was Deanna Robins who shot past favourite Trishauna Clarke to be crowned Miss Jamaica World at Saturday's staging of the competition that was held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

Skipping a top-five announcement and even another round of tougher questions as is customary, the chair for the prospective winner was placed on the stage. The top-10 finalists were then called to the stage: Trishauna Clarke, Adrianna Bryan, Deanna Robins, Rashida Beckford, Lauren McKay, Shona Bewley, Kelly-ann Diedrick, Claudiann Berry, Lauren McClure, and Chevell Powell.

In a somewhat hasty manner, it was announced that Lauren McKay was fifth, Shona Bewley in fourth, and Rashida Beckford third. The surprise came when Trishauna Clarke, who was a clear favourite throughout the night and leading up to the competition, was announced as the first runner-up behind Deanna Robins.
While many of the patrons in the room remained silent, a group of people cheered for Robins as she was being serenaded by Singing Melody.

When the noise abated, with the crown secured on her head, an elated Robins finally spoke.
"I'm speechless! I am so happy! I am so overwhelmed! It's been such an amazing journey' and I am so thankful I pulled out with the crown. Nobody really expects to win Miss Jamaica. There are 20 other beautiful girls who are all wonderful, so I am really honoured to have this crown on my head right now," Read More at JamaicaGleaner

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