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Attend the hottest parties in Montreal and you will definitely find one man is always on the scene: Ledon Anthony G . He warmly greets you with a smile and then gets straight down to business. As the former marketing director for Club Nuvo, he is also the other half of Montreal's leading Soca/Dancehall sound "Energy Squad". Countlessly working on projects, he has been busing working with CCFA, promoting this weekend upcoming Carifiesta celebration Montreal Dancehall TV caught with Mr."Anthony G".

1)What separates Carifiesta from the other parades? 
The Carifiesta Parade is a way and the only way to celebrate our Caribbean Background and culture here in North America Carifiesta Celebrates unity of many Caribbean Island "Many Island one people" as I like to label it .

 2) In comparison to two years ago to now, what is the feeling you’re getting specifically for Carifiesta?
Two years ago there was no Carifiesta Parade and that was a Huge downfall that leads up to now in 2012 why the organizers are suffering to push it "Back to Life". I can say this year the excitement is there more than last year, but we need the community to get involve by supporting the only Caribbean parade that we have here in Montreal,Quebec. As the old saying goes "Its takes a whole village to raise a child" well its the same for the Carifiesta event its takes the Community to put it back to life. 

3) What do you think of the of the music scene in Soca/Reggae scene 2012? What’s your favorite tune this season?
 I love this question reason being this year I have seen the Caribbean Music scene growing rapidly both Soca & Reggae, they have went on a world wide urban stream. But most amazingly this year Soca went to the next level of sound like Urban House Music with the Soca/Calypso flavor which is call "ISLAND POP" ... I love it! My favorite song on the reggae side for this year will be Cheaters Paradise by Christopher Martin" and in Soca its Bottle Of Rum by Machel Mantan which is my songs I listen to every morning as I wake up LOL.

4) What are you looking forward to this Carifiesta?
Oh my what a question, there are so many things I'm looking forward to, but I am more excited to see how sexy my mas band "Carnival Freaks Mas Band" will look on the road.That's the only thing that's on my mind for this year.

 5) Have you been played mas or are you feting in the street? 
Well both and at the same time working, as you may know I am a Band leader now this year marked the 2nd year of putting a parade truck on the road for Carifiesta by the name of "Carnival Freaks Mas Band".

 6) As a Children of West Indian parents raised in North America how important is to hold unto the Carnival culture?
Another Great & Amazing question, YES! I strongly believe with an event like Carnival/Carifiesta to me its like a day that we remember of our Caribbean History. I have known people who have been born here in North America and just cant wait till Carnival day to embrace their mother land with a flag of the country. But today I have seen it getting worse & worse everyday cause kids/teenagers today with a Caribbean back ground listen more to Hip Hop than soca or Calypso even steel pan and that's a huge loss. The parents are to blame for that because I remember growing up in the Caribbean but even when I came here to Montreal in 1998 my mom and the family will still play Soca & Calypso in the house. They would take my sister and I to community events so for me I'm grateful for that cause I believe if it was not for that maybe just maybe Hip Hop would have grab my mind too. But I have been very open minded from I was a little boy and thats why music and entertainment were always my joy.

7) What are you working on next?
Well For the Carnival Season I'm focusing on "Carnival Freaks" cause after Montreal is done people can still come register with us. We've also team up with a Toronto band by the name of "Black Sage Carnival Mas Band" so we will play in Toronto for Caribana on Saturday August 4th. If anyone would like to come see our costumes they can visit our mas camp at 5112 Sherbrooke Street West 2 minutes from Vendome Metro or contact us at (647)-821-4522 Also on Carnival Friday July 6th I have teamed up with a group of Montreal Promoters for the Original J'OUVERT FETE for 2012 @ Vlounge 662 90th ave ville LaSalle its is an ARMY/CAMOUFLAGE Concept & we are partying J'Ouvert Style as we have buses coming in from Toronto, who is coming to party with us & play Mas with "Carnival Freak" for 2012.Thank you and I hope to see everyone at Carifiesta.

The 37th annual Carifiesta parade is happening this Saturday, July 7, 2012 at noon, starting at the corner of René-Lévesque and Guy. For more info Carifiesta.com

Photography By Brian Kotler & MPFirm.com
By Ms.LoisLane

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