Monday, August 13, 2012


Indie Rootz Records is founded and based in Montreal, Québec. Consisting of Producer Garnett “Bobby” Pottinger & co-Producer Brian Kotler in association with Miss Reeva Ann Proctor of YuhSeeYou Entertainment. Barely one year old and is already reaching out to the world.

Specializing in Roots/Reggae & Rock fused riddims (Beats), it was a real departure for us to create this Dancehall Reggae & Progressive Rock” fused riddim. In tribute to an old classic Supertramp song called “Lady”. We then decided that we would only ask “Ladies” to voice on it. Finally the riddim landed the name “LadyLike” and then we went on to create an all-female artist compilation album.

The Ladylike Compilation Album is to be released August 6th, 2012 coinciding with Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary. The album features some of the most talented gospel, dancehall, R&B and reggae artists. Both rising stars and veteran artists from Canada& around the world, truly an international project! All songs focus on spiritual, positive vibes as well as the enjoyable things of life.

We will be donating part of our proceeds made from the album sales (including from iTunes) to the Rotary Club of St. Andrew North (Jamaica) for the “City ofRefuge” children's home & basic school for homeless children, located in Content Gap, St. Andrew. Our goal: to help better provide improved rain water harvesting system, including water storage tanks and automated water treatment facility.

This whole project was a very special experience for all of us. We never dreamed that it would go so far and be so blessed. We must thank all the artists who believed in us and did such amazing and beautiful tracks. All of this couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the help and support of Rita Campbell (Montreal), Sandi Destonis - Photographer/Journalist/ Publicist (Toronto), Lynn Proctor (Montreal) as well as, Vincent “Pancho” Wright (Jamaica), TMD Records (UK), Nadine “Princess” Gardener (Florida), Kaya Entertainment Group (Toronto) and Trinity Studio (Montreal) and others. Thank you, Merci and Bless up!

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