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From - There are some artistes who every journalist should get an opportunity to interview, and internationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter Jully Black, the 'washbelly' who confesses that she is truly a Mama's girl, is one such class act.

Totally devoid of airs and the often misplaced trappings of 'divaship', Jully Black, unofficially crowned 'Canada's Queen of R&B', is the original girl-next-door who, once you meet her, you just want to kick off your shoes, sit beside her on the floor and chat all day. Born in Canada to Jamaica parents, there is nobody more Jamaican than Jully. Even when singer Richie Stephens puts on his dazzling Jamaica suit and hat, he still has to take a back seat to Jully Black.

"My mother is from Aboukir in St Ann," she recently announced with pride to her folllowers on social network, Twitter.

Jully admitted to in an exclusive interview that her upcoming trip to Jamaica for the Jazz and Blues Festival has sent her digging into her roots a little bit more. "I always knew my mother was from St Ann, but I didn't know exactly where, so I had to call her up to find out," she explained happily, in her authentic Jamaican accent as she effortlessly switches between Standard English and Jamaican Creole.

The last of nine siblings, Jully is the only one who was not born in Jamaica, but ironically, she is the one who is closest to her roots, having an especial love for the traditional Jamaican fare of soup on Saturdays and rice and peas on Sundays and the 'broughtupcy' instilled by Jamaican parents in their children. She has visited the island several times and is totally immersed in the culture.

"In Jamaica there is still reverence. Kids know that they doan dip into big people argument. Dem know that when dem come home from school you change and put on you yaad clothes. And there is your church shoes separate from you other shoes, and then there is your going out clothes. These are some of the things I love about Jamaica and being Jamaican. My mother left Jamaica for Canada but our home was very Jamaican and I loved it," recalls the singer who has opened for Kayne West in Singapore and was hand picked to perform for the Queen.

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