Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Singer/songwriter Neyo, recently launched a new Caribbean leg, called Compound Island of his record label Compound Entertainment in Jamaica.

Via Voice-online.

NE-YO HAS launched a music label in Jamaica, it has been reported.

The aptly-titled Compound Island, which follows the launch of the singer's Compound Entertainment company in the US, will reportedly search for new talent on the Caribbean island. 

"The reason we decided to do this here, besides the obvious talent, is that the Jamaican market is very single-driven, where you have that one special song. We believe that is where the music business is heading right now, that singles matter more than the album," Ne-Yo told magazine ER

He continued: "The children are the future, instead of coming in and trying to deal with a person or an artist that is kind of set in the old ways of doing things, we want to take it to the younger generation, and teach them the new way of doing things." 

The Miss Independent star was joined by fellow singers Keri Hilson and Jamaican reggae star, Shaggy at the label's launch over the weekend.

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