Thursday, March 1, 2012


Join the 48 Hr Film Challenge!
CaribbeanTales is partnering with Flyin Monkey Films to present this Caribbean-wide Film Challenge.


An opportunity for teams of filmmakers from across the region to stretch their creativity and test their skills by creating exciting, imaginative, thought-provoking and engaging films, in just 48 hours!  The challenge is open to all – from the first time film maker or student to the veteran of 30 years!

To prepare for the challenge, teams will be able to participate in a workshop, led by Rodney Smith of Flyin Monkey Films.  The intense 3-hour session is scheduled for Wednesday, 11 April at Island Inn, Bridgetown, Barbados and will cover:
Lighting and filming techniques
Editing on a tight schedule  
Music for your film

Filmmakers will have 48 hours to script, shoot, edit and submit a film - starting from 9.m., Wednesday, 11 April until 9 p.m., Friday, 13 April. The prize-winning film(s) will be screened on Sunday, 15 April.

Guidelines for the Film Challenge
1. Resources, cast, crew and equipment and locations can be sourced and reserved before the challenge begins, but all writing and other elements of production must be accomplished during the hours of the competition.
2. Teams must sign in by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 11 April at Frank Collymore Hall, Bridgetown, Barbados,  at which time they will collect their registration packets, which will include the randomly selected genre, 1 line of dialogue and 1 prop.
3. Teams must hand in their completed films on DVD at the Island Inn Hotel, by 6pm on Friday 13th April.


Length of Films:    Minimum of four (4) minutes, maximum ten (10) minutes in length.
Teams:                  Maximum of 10 persons (including actors and crew)
Registration Fee:  $125 Bds (62.50 USD - to be paid online by April 5th 2012)  

To register and for more information please contact Nancii Yearwood at
About CaribbeanTales
CaribbeanTales is a group of companies that produces, markets and exhibits Caribbean-themed films for regional and international distribution, including:  CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution, that links producers and buyers of quality entertainment; the CaribbeanTales Film Festival Group that produces annual events in Toronto, Barbados and New York;  the Caribbean Incubator Program for Audio Visual Entrepreneurs that delivers training for filmmakers, and, a non profit based on Toronto, Canada, that promotes citizen participation through the medium of film.

Founded in 2010, the CaribbeanTales Film Festival @ Island Inn is a multifaceted event that takes place in beautiful Barbados, that includes a Film Festival, a regional Industry Symposium, and a Content incubator, all aimed at nurturing the development of a vibrant world class Caribbean film and television industry.
About Flyin Monkey Films
Flyin’ Monkey Films LLC is a film and video production company based in Toronto, Canada, and Brooklyn, NY, headed by award-winning Director and cinematographer Rodney Smith. Since 2009 Flyin’ Monkey Films has been focused on the production of narrative stories in different formats, from music videos, shorts films, feature length films and webseries. It's most recent production is the highly acclaimed web series DOMINION.

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